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In 2012, Forbes listed Edgar Sia as the youngest billionaire in the Philippines. He is the 35-year-old founder of Mang Inasal, a fastfood-chain company in the Philippines. But recently, someone reached the billionaire status younger than him. Who is he?

He is Joseph H. Calata, a 31-year-old Chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation, fast-growing agricultural company in the Philippines. Let's take a glimpse of his success story.

Entrepreneurial Endeavor
Entrepreneurial in spirit, he joined a network marketing company (MLM) that sells food supplements and multivitamins. He recruited people, oriented them, trained them about the products, the business, and how to sell. In a networking business, 95% of those who joined will fail and only 5% will succeed. Did Joseph really achieve success and earn from his MLM venture? Yes. In just five months, he earned a massive money amounting P400,000 from commissions. In this case, we can notice the level of his persuasiveness, patience and hard work in earning that amount of money in just a short span of time at his young age. After he finished his college in De La Salle University, he actively engaged in the family's business - J. Melvin's, a small agricultural business in Plaridel, Bulacan. His parents managed this small business until it gradually grew into a corporation.
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