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The Billionaire Master Mind Forum (BMMF) is dedicated to expanding the vision of the potential of the mind and the power of our thoughts in the world. Our goal is to teach the mindset of billionaires to influence a million minds, making this a better world. To reach this goal, BMMF teaches a daily philosophy of the power of human potential and unlimited possibilities.

Our philosophy revolves around the idea that we have the power to control our thoughts and our thoughts create our reality. This philosophy is based on the ideas of Ali Yasin as written in his book, “Rich Mind Poor Mind,” as well as other motivational books that have influenced him and many others. The “Rich Mind Poor Mind” formula teaches each individual that they have a purpose, which is rooted in their conscious awareness of who they are. As you understand who you are and your worth, you can change your thoughts to reflect that truth and change who you are, creating a model of prosperity and wealth. Simply put, if you believe you can be a millionaire, you can be a millionaire. It starts with your thoughts, your mindset, your beliefs. See how BMMF can help you change your thoughts to live a millionaire mindset.

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